Humorless Rants Goes To Las Vegas

Guess what!  Bianca, Kevin, and I are all going off to Las Vegas.  In New Mexico! In March!

What, you didn’t know that was a thing? It is.




Just kidding!  We are going to Nevada and unlike last time, we are not going to drag Jon Ralston into our merry mess.  We will however do a livecast that might go better since I will make sure that Bianca and Kevin are within the area code of sober.  Once that is over though since it is going to be St. Patty’s Day, drunken revelry is a must.

We even have planned excursions like cruise ships!

Here’s the details:

March 15, 2019-this is a Friday.  Everyone is expected to arrive this day and we will all check into our respective hotel rooms.  There will be an announced gathering most likely via Twitter.

March 16, 2019-Saturday.  We are going to be going to the Mob Museum because we are gangster like that.  (Yes Bianca, I am whiter than mayo on fries.) We will be departing the hotel around noon. Wear comfortable shoes and bring your psychic ability.  We will try to host a reception/party/get evicted event at 7 PM to Midnight that day.

March 17, 2019-Sunday.  We will be doing the livecast at 2 PM.  After that, we will decamp to some place that is also fun.  Or have an orgy.  Whichever.

March 18, 2019-Monday.  Go home. We are.

Things will change a bit as time goes by of course but that is the broad outlines as of now.  See you there!