This is the Webpage for humorlessrants.podbean.com‘s three fantastic hosts and whoever else they add in to help with content.

Original Host 1: Humorless Fem…the original feminist who has zero sense of humor yet makes bad jokes that sometimes are funny.  No one knows why she does this.  She likes cats, dogs, cake, and books.  A LOT of books.  So you can always give her one if you wanna. @ahumorlessfem

Original Host 2: This is Kara Calavera.  She is Mighty. She is Strong. She is in desperate need of a drink.  She also likes cats, Game of Thrones, books and being witty. @karacalavera

Non-Original Host 1: This is Kevin. No one knows anything about him (with the exception of those Bernie Bros who doxed him and are obsessed with him).  He annoys people sometimes on Twitter. @HumorlessKev

Bloggers and other assorted contributors:

Alby the Zee does our transcripts.  yo YMisKosas does the logo work. Ed the Editor does the editing of the podcast.  Jesse Turner rants about whatever the hell he rants about. Music is by Kevin MacLeod, and licensed under CC BY 3.0. And the webmaster is Frank Moraes.