No, Hillary Clinton Is Not Costing Democrats Anything

I finally read that nonsensical article complaining that Hillary Clinton is Not Happy About Having the Election Stolen from Her. The article’s author is mad Clinton has the unbelievable gall to point out this a bit in her various speeches.  Which of course means she will destroy the Democrats’ chances on November 6, 2018.

What utter crap.

Michelle Cottle acknowledges that Clinton hates the media and then goes on to show exactly why Clinton is 100% justified in this.

Cottle doesn’t cite any studies, any polling, anything really other than a few politicians who are as tired of the media harping on Clinton as she is.  Instead Cottle focuses on what the Republicans will do.  After all they are the sole arbiters of reality these days for the media.

The Republicans have decided to run against Hillary Clinton. She isn’t on the ballot anywhere. She doesn’t endorse candidates. She does hold fundraisers but usually she does so well away from the news. She has a PAC that does not even give to candidates. Instead it is a clearing house for various groups so that way no candidate runs the risk of being seen with her. (Granted plenty of the women running would be thrilled if she showed up.)

What will the Republicans run on?  Partly on tying their primary opponents to Clinton.  The other part? Abusing their power as much as they possibly can against her. Once again, Clinton will be investigated to the nth degree while every part of it will be leaked to the press. The press, which has not learned a damn thing since 2016, will endlessly repeat whatever is leaked ignoring how it is a gross abuse of power.

After all, it is Hillary Clinton.  It is perfectly okay to treat her like shit.  You might get some push back from her fans on Twitter.  Some emails.  This article calling the author a jackass.  But nothing like the “have to go into hiding because she said something bad about Republicans or Bernie Sanders.”  I have rarely heard of Clinton fans threatening to kill someone for being a jerkface to Clinton.

But in addition to Ms Cottle being a jackass jerkface, Ms Cottle is wrong.

Let me show with some actual evidence.  In December of 2017 there was a hotly contested Senate race.  And for the first time in almost 40 years, a Democrat was within reach of winning a seat in ALABAMA. Not simply because he was running against a child molesting crook who was forcibly removed twice from elected office for flouting the law but because he was focused on local issues and helping his people out.

Clinton gave speeches and interviews from December 1 to the 12th.  She even edited a copy of Teen Vogue. The very day of the election she had a book tour stop.

Doug Jones beat Roy Moore in one of the best wins in a very long time for Democrats in the South. Hillary Clinton going all over the place and talking to people and saying things the press loves to twist wrong, her doing so had no impact on the race.

Hillary Clinton is not a factor in any general election race anywhere in the country.  Even though the media and the Republicans dearly wish she was.


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