What Happened The Contest

So @ahumorlessfem made a boo boo in ordering her eleven hundred million copies of Hillary Clinton’s awesome new book What Happened.  She got one too many copies so that means YOU the eager listener/reader/foot massager get to put in to win the extra copy!

The Contest Should You Chose To Accept It

Write up your most awesome Hillary memory and then your chosen candidate to help get elected in 2018.  It can be anyone-state house, school board, coroner, etc. But it has to be a seat that you are working to flip from red to blue.   Write a blurb why you are supporting them and what you plan to do to help them.

Send your little essay to humorlessrants@gmail.com

Time of Contest

This will go for one week and at the end the best essay will be splashed all over the media world as in it will be posted here for us and probably tweeted about a few times.  Okay, once.  With FEELINGS. Okay probably a few times but still, ONCE will have FEELINGS.


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