You Can’t Reason With Nazis

NaziSwastika.pngWith a title like “You Can’t Reason With Nazis,” you would think this podcast would be about the neo-Nazi rally in Charlotteville, VA. But this podcast was recorded before that. It just goes to show, Nazis are always with us — especially when our president is “Donald Trump: Friend of Nazis.”

Kevin and Elizabeth are joined by Jesse Turner.

They start with Noah Berlatsky’s argument against Angela Nagle’s (ridiculous) idea that liberals created the alt-right. As Elizabeth noted, “There’s a reason why we don’t have dialog with Nazis.” This is where Jesse Turner relates to the discussion, since he has studied Nazism in some depth.

What follows is a fascinating look at the actual Nazis and the neo-Nazis that we all have to deal with. Not surprisingly, this gets into Donald Trump and his rhetoric and use of power. What’s most interesting is that things really haven’t changed. The same lies that worked then work today.

Tune in for 50 minutes of the best audio you’ll hear this week. It’s only here that you will learn if it is effective to tell Nazis to check their Aryan privilege.

Episode Sixteen: You Can’t Reason With Nazis

Next Week

Tune in next with for Neera Tanden! Yep, that’s right: Neera Tanden.

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